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Marcello F.M. Pigozzo
Marcello F. M. Pigozzo  

Marcello F. M. Pigozzo - President & CEO

Vision and an extraordinary drive are two of the main characteristics of this well renowned industry leader. The knowledge acquired at the Ecole Hoteliere de Glion and polished at Columbia University set the stage for the jump into the world of hospitality. After a brilliant career in Intercontinental Hotels, which saw Marcello climb the corporate ladder from the front office of the Santo Domingo Intercontinental to the presidency of the company´s Asia Pacific Division, he has dedicated his knowledge to an array of corporate projects around the world. The European Division of Sol Melia Hotels and Resorts and the Caribbean based Elegant Hotels Group have both been witness to the performance delivered under Marcello´s leadership. It was only at this point, after 40 years at the forefront of major industry players, that Marcello decided to give birth to MPg; the ideal setting for unveiling the maximization of a life time of experiences, free from the chains of top heavy corporate offices and consistent with his unbreakable moral ethics and strive for ultimate promise delivery. The attention to detail, intrinsic in any respected hotelier has always been complemented in Marcello Felice´s case by a strong feel for finance and business. This capacity of directing hotels and entire corporate divisions through two different lenses; the operational and the financial has always been the distinguishing aspect of his management style, under which service and quality have never been a second to sound business sense and results. Marcello´s authentic passion for the client is the drive behind this intrepid hotelier, who is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish and French as well as an avid follower of the newest technologies.

Marcello Malik Pigozzo
Marcello Malik Pigozzo  

Marcello Malik Pigozzo - Chief Operating Officer & Financial Director

Born and bred in the world´s finest hotels, Marcello was poised to make a path in the hospitality industry. Bachelor Degree at the Ecole Hoteliere de Glion, Marcello held a number of positions in various industry leaders such as Ritz-Carlton before taking on the position of General Manager in a series of properties in the South of France, Barbados and Barbuda. Subsequently Marcello co-founded MPg in which more than ten years of delivered performance and proven track record have brought him to take the leadership of the group. A habitual sportsman, Marcello is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, French and has notions of German and Arabic. He is married and has two children.

Marco Pigozzo         

Marco Pigozzo - Vice President, Development

Also brought up in hotels as a child, after a series of operational positions in Four Seasons, Intercontinental and Regent HK, Marco´s definite path to the hospitality industry has been marked by a highly successful detour as a businessman in owned businesses in the distribution and production fields through the north and south American continent. His business acumen and negotiating prowess have made him a fundamental addition to the MPg group bringing a vision from outside of the industry. Marco is responsible for the company´s ambitious development plan. Fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, French and with notions of Arabic, he is married and has two children.

Ludovico Dupre       

Ludovico Dupre - Vice President, Sales & Marketing

An international childhood in 8 countries including Hong Kong and Moscow led Ludovico to an academic path that saw him receive bachelor´s degrees in Law at the University of Leeds and bachelor degrees in Hospitality at the Ecole Hoteliere de Glion and University of Wales. A series of worldwide positions in Intercontinental, Concorde Hotels and Jolly Hotels preceded a successful period in Sol Melia Hotels & Resorts where Ludovico has held a number of management position both at hotel & head office level. Ludovico is responsible for the companies marketing and branding strategies as well as global sales and public relations. He is fluent in English, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Ludovico is married and has one child.

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